A native Washingtonian, Wendi’s first writing award extolled the virtues of Mom, winning her a gift certificate on Mother’s Day at a local stationery store. She earned her B.A. in American Studies (Literature & History) from Mills College, studied with late author J.R. Salamanca at the University of Maryland, and trained at the Actors Studio MFA Program in New York City.

Wendi’s work—as writer, editor, and voiceover actor— is broadcast and published on multiple platforms. She thinks the more good minds in a room, the better; collaboration is best for most projects (except writing your own memoir, which she is currently doing all by herself). Wendi won American Culture Society and Mississippi Historical Society awards for Best Documentary for Jefferson Davis, An American President (PBS 2008). 

While it’s true that she carries a Sharpie in her bag, she has never defaced property for grammar’s sake. Semicolons are important; so is architecture. One of her favorite volunteer positions was hosting the satire show for WRBH 88.3 FM, Reading Radio for the Blind in New Orleans.

Wendi likes silly. She likes silly voices. And silly walks. But she is serious about research, jazz hands, and anomalies. 




  • Websites – Legal websites, Web copy for tourism, arts, entertainment
  • Magazines – Articles, features
  • Academic Journals – Essays
  • Entertainment, Advertising – Scripts
    (commercial, industrial, feature, television)


  • Edit and proof web copy
  • Edit and proof essays, articles
  • Edit and proof book chapters, short stories
  • Consult on scripts


  • Jefferson Davis Documentary – American Popular Culture Society Best Doc, and Mississippi Historical Society Best Doc



Wendi is an excellent audiobook narrator and storyteller. She is also a pleasure to work with, a quality to be treasured, and her approach to the work is totally professional. Were she still in the UK, I would be recommending her to a number of studios here. As it is, I can only urge my counterparts in the States to make her acquaintance.

Alec Reid

Freelance dramatist, producer, director, former BBC producer

As a veteran studio producer, I’ve long believed that any voice behind a microphone was only as good as the brain it was connected to. And Wendi Berman is blessed in both regards… great pipes coupled with uncanny intuition and a wicked sense of timing. Hire/book this woman now. Before your competition does.

Micheal Ziants

Proprietor, Airlift Productions Recording Studio

Wendi is a highly original literary talent in her own right, as well as a sensitive, creative and skilled editor and co-writer. Any author, or anyone with a story to tell, an idea to advance or a product to sell would be lucky to have Wendi on board. Indeed, she has often given me invaluable insights into my own work.

Rosemary Daniell

Award-winning author of Secrets of the Zona Rosa, and seven other books of poetry and prose.

I was so pleased to work with Wendi for the voiceover/audio version of my new book. Not only did I need an eloquently spoken voice actor, but also someone with the compassion I have for my own patients who struggle with addiction. Wendi understood the tenets of my book well enough to legitimately convey it and pronounce the medical terms too!

Arwen Podesta

Board Certified Adult Psychiatrist

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